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The greatest golf photo of all time? Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra

October 15, 2013

*One mean two-ball: **Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin

Why it qualifies:

-- Because it is two members of the Rat Pack, both radiating awesomeness, looking like they might have headed to the golf course straight from another all-nighter on the Vegas Strip.

-- Because both men look unfazed that they may be in violation of the 14-club limit (Really, who's going to tell the Chairman of the Board he needs to take out that extra wedge?).

-- Because one of the woods in the background might not be a wood at all, but an Al Czervik-style beer tap.

-- Because other than maybe Tony Gwynn, no one else in history could pull off that yellow-and-brown combination.

-- Because Frank is making Dean drive while he can concentrate on evening his tan.