The golden rules for plus-sized fashion on the golf course

September 20, 2011

Most women I speak to have a hard time dealing with the f-word: fashion. It's not a four-letter word, but the challenge of balancing fit, comfort and style can be so overwhelming that getting dressed for a round of golf could feel, well, profane. Throw into this mix the challenge of finding clothes that are stylish and flattering in a size 14, 16 or 18 and you can see why most of us have been reduced to dropping f-bombs in the fitting rooms of our local pro shops. It does not have to be this impossible. Here's my strategy for finding cute clothes, no matter what your size.

__Shop online.__Two of my favorite websites offer a great variety of golf looks in all sizes. I love the prints and bold colors you can find at  and the selection includes all your favorite golf brands. At you can find a great selection of active golf styles so versatile you could take a yoga class after you're done with 18 holes -- without a wardrobe change.