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The final hole of the World Amateur Team Championships is a 787-yard par 6

September 08, 2014

Par 5s usually make for good finishing holes, but what about par 6s?

That's what players in the field at this week's World Amateur Team Championship in Japan will find themselves tackling on the Oshitate Course at Karuizawa 72 Golf East. The Oshitate Course is the joint-host of the event and features a beastly par 6 as its 18th hole. The women, who competed in their event last week, played the hole at 733 yards. Male competitors this week will be playing it closer to 800 yards. It's a real four-shot hole.

The final hole at the Men's World Amateur Team Championship is a ridiculous 787-yard(!) par 6 --> pic.twitter.com/7toeZcinau

— Adam Stanley (@adam_stanley) September 8, 2014Here's a picture of the hole on Google Earth