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'The Extra 20 Yards' you've been looking for

May 12, 2011

OK, so it will take an outlay of $365 and some effort, and The Extra 20 Yards is not a promise that you will find an extra 20 yards, but is the name of the product. Still, it's an interesting concept that will help build golf-specific muscles that presumably will provide a benefit off the tee.

The Extra 20 Yards is akin to a weight machine you'd find in a fitness club, only smaller and designed specifically for golf. It features a swivel pulley attached to a stack of weights weighing 4.4 pounds each. A golf club grip is attached to the end of the cable that pulls the weights.


Simply attach it to a wall and use it three to five minutes a day, three or four times a week, the company suggests, to reap the benefits.

-- John Strege