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Here are the endless ways the new Google app can help you with golf

November 12, 2014

Google has a new version of its search app, and its capabilities go well beyond answering bet-settling questions like, "What's the capital of North Dakota?"

Most impressive is the enhancement of Google's voice search, which means you can mumble some semi-coherent query into your phone while driving, and it will come back with a worthwhile answer. This is true for a lot of things -- movie times, for instance, or stocks -- but we were most interested in how it applies to golf.

So using only voice recognition, we gave it a whirl.

First, we started with the weather, since we needed to know if it was at all playable this week.


OK, not great, but we're a hardy bunch, so we'll give it a go. Then we needed to nail down where.


And how to get there.


Perfect. Now, we needed some inspiration.


Very cool, but that's not really my reality. This is.


Or this.



__And when things get a little sideways, I sometimes need help with the math.



And yes, I'll admit, I need better ways to deal with my frustration.

__[#image: /photos/55ad7b9badd713143b42b9c6]|||google-ebay-518.jpg|||

Eventually I realize I just need to relax.__

__[#image: /photos/55ad7b9badd713143b42b9ca]|||google-cocktail-518.jpg|||