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The ending of this 2007 Alabama-Georgia game was eerily similar to the ending of the National Championship game

In September of 2007, the No. 22 ranked Georgia Bulldogs rolled into Bryant-Denny Stadium in Tuscaloosa to face the No. 16 ranked Alabama Crimson Tide. The game was an epic SEC battle, one that has absolutely nothing to do with Monday night's equally epic National Championship game between the same Dawgs and the same Tide. That is, until you see how eerily similar each game's ending was.

On Monday night, with the game tied at 20, Alabama had a chance to end it with a field goal on the final play. Kicker Andy Pappanastos badly hooked it left, sending the game into overtime. On Georgia's first OT possession, kicker Rodrigo Blankenship nailed a 51-yarder to give the Dawgs a 23-20 lead. By now, you likely know what followed. Georgia fans had their hearts ripped out by the Tide's freshman quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, who slung a 41-yard touchdown pass down the left sideline to win the game, 26-23.

Here's where things get creepy.

Back in 2007, with the game tied at 20, Georgia had a chance to seal the deal on the game's final play. They sent out kicker Brandon Coutu to attempt a potential 42-yard game-winner. Sound familiar? Watch what happened next:

A hooked kick at the end of regulation sent the game into OT, where Alabama connected on a field goal on its first possession to go up 23-20. Georgia sophomore quarterback Matt Stafford ended the game on the next play, throwing a 25-yard touchdown pass down the left sideline to win the game ... 26-23. Almost identical finishes, just flipped, which I'm sure Georgia fans are thrilled to be reminded of after Monday's dagger.