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The Ecco Speed Hybrid is a vintage-looking, but modern shoe

November 21, 2015

The spikeless golf shoe has officially been around long enough to have subcategories. Ever since Fred Couples showcased non-traditional kicks with spikeless shoes in 2010, there have been innovations in every direction.

Ecco’s new Speed Hybrid can best be identified as a more vintage-looking sneaker rather than a golf shoe, all the way down to the muted colors. But just because it looks like a vintage shoe doesn’t mean it has old technology.

The outsole has traction elements made out of polyurethane. As your foot moves throughout the swing, these traction elements help stability.

The inside of the shoe features a leather sole for better comfort. And the top half contains more room to allow your toes to move freely. The upper is water-repellent.

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The shoe ($180) is available in three colors for men and women.

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