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Pinehurst Resort & Country Club (Course No. 2)


The Easy Fix To Get Your Driver Back In The Fairway

June 27, 2016
guss driver.jpg

We all know how the story goes: You’re playing a casual round, and your driver just will not go straight. You’re daydreaming of the fairway while you suffer through yet another punch-out from the trees. You get sick of it, put the driver away, and start hitting 3-wood. That’s not any better. What started as a nice day out in the sunshine has turned into slow, painful, medieval torture. How can you fix the errant driver without resorting to hitting your 7-iron off every tee?

Jason Guss, one of our Golf Digest Best Young Teachers, says that there are a few little things you can do on the course to help straighten out your driver.

“The biggest thing is understanding what could be going wrong,” says Guss. “Most people who start struggling with hitting their driver crooked are missing the middle of the face.”

To figure out where on the face you’re hitting the ball, Guss has a little trick.

“Most of us mark our golf balls with a Sharpie. If you were to place the marked part facing the clubface then it would leave a mark on the clubface. This could be all the information you need to fix your errant shots.”

If you’re hitting it too much on the heel, the ball is likely starting left and curving right. If you’re too much on the toe, the ball is probably starting right and going left.

Now that you know where you’re missing the ball, you have the ability to fix it. If you’re on the toe, move closer to the ball at address. If you’re on the heel, move a little bit away.

While you ultimately may need to go to the range to fix all the kinks in your swing, this little fix could get you through the round and out of driver-induced madness.

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