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The downside to a ratings boost

August 03, 2009

The golf world boasted two major championships last weekend, including new mother Catriona Matthew's heartwarming win in the Women's British Open and Fred Funk's resounding triumph in the U.S. Senior Open.Â

So it must have been those two events that were attracting most of the attention, right?

Um yeah, not so much.

As if it isn't telling enough that Tiger Woods' three-shot win in the Buick Open provided that tournament a 167-percent ratings boost over the previous year, Woods did it on a weekend when the other two tours were offering far more than their standard fare.

So basically what viewers are saying is that they don't care about the PGA Tour when Woods isn't playing it, and they definitely don't care about the other two tours when he is.

And this guy is good for golf?

OK, so maybe he is. But if you ever you were looking for an example of the massive shadow Woods casts over the rest of his sport, here's just the latest one.

-- Sam Weinman