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The Donald says he doesn't know Lizette Salas. Here's what he's missing

Any time you paint with the broad brush of stereotype the resulting picture is sloppy, at best. Accuracy is achieved only with the sharp tip pen capable of subtlety and nuance. Nothing is as simple as it seems, and therein lies the flaw in Donald Trump's sweeping statements about immigration, especially pertaining to Mexicans.

Related: He said WHAT? Six ridiculous comments from Donald Trump at the Women's British Open  The Donald showed up at the Ricoh Women's British Open in the middle of Thursday's first round and met with the media. One of the interesting things he said was that he has never heard of Lizette Salas. He should. It might make his statements on immigration more informed. One of best memories I have in this job is standing behind the 18th green at Colorado GC during Sunday singles at the 2013 Solheim Cup with Ramon and Martha Salas, Lizette's parents. They were watching their daughter finish off a halved match against Suzann Pettersen when tears started to stream down Martha's face.

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"You have no idea what it means for two immigrants from Mexico to see their daughter playing for the United States," she said. Yes, Donald Trump should know who Lizette Salas is. If he did, he'd know that Ramon bartered his skills as a mechanic at Azusa Greens CC, a blue-collar, daily fee course, to get lessons and playing privileges for Lizette. If the Donald took the time to know Salas he'd learn that Ramon drove her to Symetra Tour tournaments in a pick-up truck and that they lived hand-to-mouth as she tried to make it in pro golf. If The Donald knew Lizette he'd know that every Tuesday she is in Azusa, Calif.,  and not on tour she leads a junior golf clinic at Azusa Greens.  If he knew Salas -- the entire family -- he'd know another side to the immigration story than the nasty stereotype he paints. He'd know how hard the Salas' worked to make it in America.  No, Donald Trump does not know who Lizette Salas is. In a way, that's his loss. In a greater way it is a loss for all of us. It makes it much easier for him to paint with the broad brush of stereotype. Hey Donald, here's a campaign tip: Have dinner with Lizette, Ramon and Martha Salas. You might learn something.

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