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Daly File Reveals Multiple Offenses

March 02, 2010

When John Daly makes headlines anymore, it's always for the wrong reasons, it seems. Two stories in particular on Tuesday don't paint him in a favorable light.

There was Garry Smits story in the Florida Times-Union detailing a litany of fines (nearly $100,000 worth) and suspensions (five) issued by the PGA Tour for a variety of offenses. Smits was citing from Daly's PGA Tour file, which became part of the court file from his suit against Morris Publishing. A summary judgment was issued in favor of Morris a year ago. The Times-Union is owned by Morris Publishing.

Then there was the first review of "Being John Daly," Golf Channel's new reality show that debuts Tuesday night. The New York Times Neil Genzlinger wrote that cameras are following Daly "in a futile effort to make himself an object of sympathy.

"(W)hy anyone would root for him to have a successful comeback is never clear in this rather haphazardly organized show. Mostly you may find yourself rooting for him to shut up, especially when, during these hard economic times, he whines about his version of adversity, like having to sell his two Hummers."

-- John Strege