124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2

Tech Support

July 01, 2019

Finally, quality launch monitors for personal use are here.

Resist all you want, but if you ignore the impressive selection of digital technology for golfers, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Companies like Rapsodo offer quality launch monitors for a fraction of the price of the $19,000 TrackMan machines popular with tour pros. Expect others to follow. Makers of range finders and GPS devices, seemingly without room to innovate, continue to find ways to do so. Even if you’re not a tech-loving golfer, these products are worth noticing. --Stephen Hennessey



Entry-level launch monitors for the everyday golfer might be an untapped market. New in golf, Rapsodo’s swing analyzer syncs to an app on a smartphone that offers club and ball data, as well as shot tracking. It will also capture swing videos for ease of replay. $500



Recently acquired by Golfzon, GolfBuddy has an impressive product line for 2019 that includes this smart wristwatch with a TFT-LCD touch screen. Every green has a gradient map that shows severity of slopes. One of the best parts? It comes with a 13-hour battery life. $250


IZZO SIDEWINDER SPEAKER GOLF_BAG STRAP Playing tunes is easier without carrying a separate device. Now all you have to do is carry your bag. Izzo’s Bluetooth-enabled strap is ergonomic with a padded interior that replaces most single straps. Two-point connection adds to comfort. $60 (aaa batteries required)


BUSHNELL PRO XE How good are range finders getting? Now they can predict the elements. The Pro XE factors in temperature, elevation, altitude and barometric pressure to calculate shot distances. No, it still won’t replace a good caddie, but this is the closest thing we’ve seen. $550


VOICE CADDIE SWING CADDIE SC300 There’s a definite benefit to practicing and having a device announce your swing data: You don’t need to stop and study the device. The latest portable launch monitor from Voice Caddie is good at the basics—measuring club data and tracking it. $550