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The players on the U.S. Task Force have lost a combined 32 Ryder Cups

It seems the fate of the U.S. Ryder Cup team rests in the hands of 11 men who have collectively won just 16 Ryder Cups and lost 32 more.

The players' individual combined Ryder Cup record isn't much better: 68 wins, 97 losses and 28 halves. Average that between the eight players on the PGA's 11-man Ryder Cup Task Force and the average career Ryder Cup record is 9-12-4.

Only one of those players -- Tom Lehman -- boasts a winning individual career record. Raymond Floyd was the only player to play on more winning Ryder Cup teams (7) than losing ones (1).

The PGA of America officially announced the members of the U.S. Ryder Cup Task Force on Tuesday. Co-chaired by soon-to-be PGA of America president Derek Sprague and PGA Chief Executive Officer Pete Bevacqua, the group includes former players/captains Floyd, Lehman, Davis Love III, Rickie Fowler, Jim Furyk, Phil Mickelson, Steve Stricker and Tiger Woods. PGA secretary Paul Levy rounds out the committee.

According to the PGA's release, the task force will:

"Examine the entire Ryder Cup process, including the selection of United States Ryder Cup Captains; the Ryder Cup Points System; dates by which the Team is determined; dates of Captain's selections; and the selection of Vice Captains."

Which brings us back to the overall records of the players filling out that group. Given the Europeans' recent dominance in the event, it's tough to expect much better, especially considering the amount of overlap between players. Mickelson and Furyk, for example, have played on the last nine Ryder Cup teams together and have won only two each.

Paul Azinger was a surprise exclusion from the task force given his historical record, but the lack of viable options speaks to the greater problem facing the U.S. Ryder Cup team. It's forced the PGA to opt for a star-studded lineup. Let's hope it works.

Overall team wins, losses:

         __Wins__  __Losses__    Floyd  7  1    Lehman  1  2    Love III  2  4    Fowler  0  2    Furyk  2  7    Mickelson  2  8    Stricker  1  2    Woods  1  6    __Combined__  __16__  __32__    __Average__  __2__  __4__ 

And here are the overall individual records:

                    __Wins__  __Losses__  __Draws__    Floyd  12  16  3    Lehman  5  3  2    Love III  9  12  5    Fowler  0  3  5    Furyk  10  20  4    Mickelson  16  19  6    Stricker  3  7  1    Woods  13  17  3    __Combined__  __68__  __97__  __29__    __Average__  __8.5__  __12.125__  __3.625__ 

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