The “bro romper” is going to change the way you romp with your bros


Calling all bros, crews, dawgs, and squads. Paging all light-beer-buffs and leg-day divas. It’s time to shelve the pink polo and lace up the Sperrys because the RompHim—the testosterone-charged answer to the classic women’s romper—is about to f*ck your summer style up.

Abomination? Viral stunt? Attention- (and ass-) grabbing god-send? No matter how you feel about this alpha romper, it’s coming all the same, having more than quadrupled its Kickstarter goal in a few short hours. So strap in, button up, and start praying for the asteroid, because if you’re not taking a leak sitting down, you’re officially living in the past.

RompHim(s) pair well with: Bud Light Lime, Coachella, and celibacy.