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The bottle of Jordan sweat is extra

September 18, 2009

So maybe you lost out on your chance to play alongside Michael Jordan in the Golf Digest U.S. Ope Challenge (that distinction fell to Arizona cop Larry Giebelhausen at Bethpage Black in June). It doesn't mean you can't get a unique look at Jordan's golf game. It just might cost you.

According to this report, Jordan is auctioning off memorabilia from his decorated career. There are the expected items from Jordan's days with the Chicago Bulls and the 1992 U.S. Olympic "Dream Team" (a personal favorite is Jordan's I.D. badge from those Olympics. Really. It's Michael Jordan. Was this necessary?), but also a selection of Jordan golf apparel and equipment.

Offerings include a Jordan's Bulls golf bag (bidding starts at $2,750); Jordan autographed Maxflis (bidding starts at $1,000, so don't use them on water holes), and a Jordan driver, with his MJ initials inscribed on the bottom (bidding begins at $1,000). Of course, that driver is made of persimmon, which explains why he didn't need it anymore.

-- Sam Weinman