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The Birmingham Bowl has an interesting trophy

December 20, 2017

You can take Paul Bunyan's Axe and your bowl of oranges and shove 'em. The best trophy in college football comes from Birmingham.

Though the city's bowl game ranks low on the ever-growing college football pseudo postseason totem pole, the game boasts one of the more unusual mementos in the sport: a replica of Birmingham's famed Vulcan statue that hovers over the municipality. And the trophy's sculpture wasn't messing around with the replica, making sure every facet of the figure was perfectly represented. Including Vulcan's bare ass:

We're sure the 70-plus 20-year-olds of the winning team will likewise appreciate the trophy for its artistic value.

Hey, it beats a generic hunk of glass or crystal. That said, we do not envy whoever has to raise that trophy at night's end.