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The biggest lock in sports is betting against Chris Paul when this ref is working—and Chris Paul knows it

May 28, 2021

The Phoenix Suns were solid underdogs as their first round series against the Lakers shifted to Los Angeles on Thursday night with All-Star point guard Chris Paul still bothered by a shoulder contusion suffered in Game 1. But if you didn't bet against Phoenix, you don't like free money—because the Lakers weren't just the favorite, they were a lock. No, really, an actual LOCK.

You didn't need to know that Anthony Davis was going to come alive or that LeBron was going to start being more agressive on offense or that Devin Booker was going to shoot 6 for 19. All you needed to know was that veteran referee Scott Foster was working the game. Take a look at this incredible stat:

Seriously, why waste everybody's time? Why make fans stay up late for no reason? This thing was over from the moment Foster tossed the opening jump ball.

Paul and Foster have had a contentious relationship through the years. And the future Hall-of-Famer's post-game comments proved he's well aware of his playoff record with Foster on the floor.

At this point, I should probably come clean as being the biggest Chris Paul planet since overlapping with him at Wake Forest (Go Deacs!) for one (magical) year. So, yes, I'm biased. And yes, his Suns got their butts kicked last night and it didn't matter who was officiating. And yes, I'm cranky because I stayed up late just to watch him lose and realize we're just days from another disappointing early playoff exit.

But still, how does the NBA continue to let Foster work games in which CP3 is playing?! You heard the man, ELEVEN games in a row! In any event, keep a lookout for the next time it happens because there's good money to be made. You're welcome.