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The best play call of the college football season happened in the Akron vs. Ohio game

November 15, 2017

It's safe to say that most people who tune into #MACtion each week are either fans of the teams playing, degenerate gamblers, or folks who just have absolutely nothing else to do or watch on a Tuesday or Wednesday night. All three of those groups were rewarded with one of the best games of the #MACtion season on Tuesday night between Akron and Ohio.

Normally, these mid-week MAC matchups are littered with miscues, poor quarterback play and crappy officiating. While Akron and Ohio still had its fair share of those aspects, it also had an absolutely wild first half, one that featured 54 combined points and perhaps the best play call of the college football season. On first and goal down 10-7 late in the first quarter, Ohio offensive coordinator Tim Albin dialed up the most complex three-yard gadget play of the year, and the Bobcats executed it to perfection:

Absolutely flawless, and somewhat reminiscent of the Chicago Bears' two-point play call earlier this season against the Minnesota Vikings:

A lot of moving parts for just two and three yard plays, but if it works, it works. Unfortunately for Ohio, a 14-point favorite, this wound up being the highlight of their night, which ended with a 37-34 loss.