Celebration Game So Strong

The best home-run celebration of the year might end up being Carlos Gomez's walk-off on Sunday

April 23, 2018

There are strong home-run celebrations, and then there are all-time home-run celebrations. This one falls to the latter.

Carlos Gomez hit a walk-off dinger off Minnesota Twins pitcher Addison Reed to complete a successful sweep of the Twins, and understandably had a lot of emotion. The Tampa Bay Rays outfielder had struck out three times before this final plate appearance—breaking his bat over his knee after completing the hat trick.

With the Rays trailing in the series finale (for the third straight game), Gomez completed the Rays' latest comeback with what might end up being the best home-run celebration of 2018.

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It's tough to sell this anymore if you're Gomez. The bat flip, the quick turn to the bench, the hands in the air...plus the tongue in the air. The final straw—doing the Ray Lewis sack celebration dance as you're striding toward home plate.

Yep, we're definitely going to put this in the all-time category. Well done, Mr. Gomez.

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