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The Baltimore Ravens new quarterback spent last season as a golf course attendant


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September 07, 2015

It's not uncommon to see quarterbacks -- most notably, Tom Brady, Tony Romo and Ben Roethlisberger -- on the golf course.

But to see one behind the clubhouse counter? Not so much.

Meet Bryn Renner, the new third-string quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens, and every golfer's favorite National Football League player.

Renner was the former field general of the University of North Carolina squad, and after an impressive campaign in 2012 (28 touchdowns, seven interceptions in 12 games), was projected as a high NFL draft pick.

Alas, Renner suffered a shoulder injury in his senior senior, and the ailment correlated to the Tar Heels product going undrafted in 2014.

Without a job, Renner went to work at the Tradition Golf Club near UNC.

“I’m not a guy that likes to sit around much,” Renner told “I worked 12-hour days just trying to occupy my mind. I just wanted to get away from football and wrap myself around something to do.”

Renner did everything from working behind the counter to cleaning carts. It was quite the sight: a local college star doing tasks typically done by a high school kid or part-time retiree.

However, Renner wasn't ready to give up on his football dreams just yet, and signed on with the Baltimore Ravens this past offseason. Following a strong training camp and preseason, Renner made the practice squad.

While it's not an easy life as the third-string arm, Renner says it's nothing compared to dealing with golfers on a daily basis.

“They let me hear it,” Renner said. “Every old man going to play golf wants things done right. Putting clubs on was nerve-wracking in itself.”