The bad beat in this college hoops game is a giant warning sign to NOT BET ON COLLEGE BASKETBALL EVER

November 09, 2019

On the morning after opening night of college football season, I implored those who bet on Texas A&M as a 34-point favorite to stop gambling on college football for the rest of the year. The Aggies, who had dominated every facet of the game, led Texas State 41-0 with 44 seconds remaining. The Bobcats quarterback then chucked one up to the end zone and his receiver came down with it, making it 41-7 and giving -34 bettors a push. It was not the worst bad beat by any stretch, but one bad enough on the very first night of CFB to make you reconsider why you do this to yourself.

Just three months later, I'm echoing that same "stop gambling now" sentiment. We're just days into college basketball season and we might already have the worst beat of the year from Friday night's Vermont-St. Bonaventure game. The Catamounts were a -3.5 road favorite, and led the game 61-55 with just under seven seconds remaining. As long as you could avoid a three-pointer from the Bonnies, you were in the clear. The best part? The Bonnies didn't shoot a three pointer! Instead, point guard Kyle Lofton drove the lane and hit a layup to cut the lead to four with 3.2 second remaining.

That's when something terrible happened:

Unbelievable. Literally an act of God for those who had the Bonnies +3.5. The worst part is that there wasn't enough time for the Bonnies to get a foul in, which would have put Vermont on the line with a chance to hit two free throws and still cover. Man, what a fishy ending. This is a giant neon sign warning all gamblers out there to STOP BETTING ON COLLEGE BASKETBALL FOREVER. Sick stuff.