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The actual "Field of Dreams" in Iowa was vandalized and welp, what is wrong with the world?

January 24, 2018

As if we hadn't already lost all faith in humanity, there was horrible news from an Iowa cornfield of all places earlier this week. The baseball diamond from the popular movie/American treasure "Field of Dreams" was vandalized. Somewhere, the ghost of Shoeless Joe Jackson shed a tear.

The movie site's Facebook page posted photos that showed muddy tire tracks left by vandals savages who drove a truck over the hollowed ground. Located in Dyersville, people still come year-round for tours, although the field is officially open from April 1-Oct. 31. Look away if you can't bear to see a cherished piece of your childhood treated like trash:

We can't fathom why someone would do such a thing to to this historic landmark, either. Seriously, who vandalizes a place called "Field of Dreams"?! We hope they're caught. And we hope they get a lifetime ban from something they love.