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The 13 hilarious faces Henrik Stenson makes during a golf swing

October 25, 2015

Henrik Stenson is known as one of golf's best ball-strikers. And with good reason. Over the past three years, Stenson has risen back to the top of the sport with a highly efficient swing that has banked more than $26 million on the PGA Tour and European Tour (counting his 2013 FedEx Cup bonus). That's serious dough.

In which other category does Stenson stand on top? Making ridiculous faces during his golf swing.

Stenson is a goofy guy to begin with. The Swede is known for having one of the driest but most hilarious senses of humor on the PGA Tour. He'll crack a funny face to make people laugh. But when it comes to hitting piercing iron shots -- not a laughing matter -- Stenson can be found making faces that make him a stand-up act. Evidence:

We're not sure whether to call these faces "grimaces" or "daunting stares." Whatever they are -- thank you, Henrik, for giving us some comedy.

Even Jordan Spieth had to resist from laughing during their rounds at the Tour Championship.

This looks like half shock, half amazement.

Piercing iron shots, with a hilarious face. And look at that neck action. Work it, Henrik!

When a craftsman's at work, this is the type of face he makes.

How about this intensity:

Sometimes you get a sad face with Henrik. He's a complex dude. His disappointment would be our thrill of hitting an approach to 25 feet.

This face could be "God, I'm so good -- I can't believe I hit another iron to 6 feet." Or: "Wow, can't wait to get home and rest." We'll bet it's the former.

Best part? All these faces result in big-time wins. Goofy or not, it's all about results.

Stenson loves throwing in a photobomb or two on the course, too.