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Our 100-Day War: Three Golf Digest editors to chronicle the agony and ecstasy of their golf summer

While Golf Digest probably has a higher concentration of passionate golfers than most offices, our cross-section of players is surprisingly broad. Some of our editors are elite amateurs; some are your typical mid-handicappers who struggle to string together three good swings in a row; and some are choppers you should be giving four a side.

The point is, our challenges are representative of what most golfers face, and like you, we all feel like there's room for improvement. Which brings us to our 100-Day War, in which three Golf Digest editors set out to take their games to the next level over the summer -- and give readers a snapshot of their progress (or lack thereof) along the way.

The stories will vary, but ultimately, the real measure will be reflected in their Golf Digest Handicap, an easy way for anyone to keep track of their scoring history. If you don't have one, you should sign up: it's free, it's fun, and it allows you to compete against golfers of varying abilities. At Golf Digest headquarters especially, that's important.


Now on to our three golfers.


Keely Levins, Assistant Equipment Editor, Hot List Coordinator.__

Golf Digest Handicap: 6

What's holding me back: My desk job. Kidding! I have a few recurring swing errors: Starting the take away with my hips, I tend to have a closed club face at the top. Everything gets a little long and loose, which makes timing a nightmare. Then there's my sloppy footwork. And if we want to venture into my mental game, I tend to get too excited when I'm playing well, start to think ahead and let a good round get away.

____My goals for the summer:__I want to get rid of the extraneous moving parts in my swing to make it more repeatable and more efficient, in order to be more consistent (Easy fix, right?). I'm also wasting a lot of shots around the green, so it's time to tighten that up a bit. And, because it would be awesome, I want to qualify for the U.S. Women's Amateur.


Sam Weinman, Editor, GolfDigest.com__

Golf Digest Handicap: 16.7

What's holding me back: Like a lot of golfers, I feel like I do a fair number of things well, but it's very rare for me to do everything well on the same day. Consistency is a huge problem, which is another way of saying I'm prone to two or three holes when I look like I wandered onto a golf course for the first time. The occasional soul-crushing smother hook isn't helping.

____My goals for the summer:__I'd like to say my goal is get down a single-digit handicap, but I'll resist for now. More realistically, I'd like to get to a point by the end of the summer where I can say my goal is to get down to a single-digit handicap, and it doesn't sound so ridiculous. I know what my good golf looks like. I guess I'm looking for my bad golf to not be so bad.


Steve Hennessey, Associate Editor, Golf Digest__

Golf Digest Handicap: 25.3

__What's holding me back: Oh man, where do I start? For one, I played baseball through high school, so golf hasn't come naturally. You'll see the ball creep farther and farther up in my stance. And for some reason, I can't tell myself to swing down on the ball regularly. You can classify me as a "scooper." __

____My goals for the summer:__Consistently play in the low 90s. I'll put together stretches where I'm playing bogey golf, but I can't escape the blow-up holes with double and triple bogeys. If I can improve my swing with my irons, I think I can achieve my goal.