Underrated moments in golf historyMarch 6, 2015

Centuries after its creation, golf is alive and well -- no thanks to King James II

On March 6, 1457, King James II declared a ban on both football (soccer to us unrefined Americans) and golf. A Scot banning golf. Can you imagine?

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Apparently, the sports were seen as distractions to Scotland's ongoing wars against England. King James II seems like a real stick in the mud, doesn't he?

But it wasn't just him. James III and James IV later reaffirmed the ban, although James IV eventually had it lifted and even bought a set of clubs in 1502 after the Treaty of Glasgow (more commonly known as the Treaty of Perpetual Peace) was signed with Henry VII of England. Phew!

So if the snow has you stuck inside, just remember your golf prospects could be worse. You could have King James II as your leader.

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