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That seems low: 78 percent of golfers would move wedding or skip child's birthday to play Augusta National

March 30, 2016

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With the golf world descending upon Augusta next week, Masters fever is reaching its annual amplified heights. To the booking site Your Golf Travel, this is the perfect time to pose a question man has pondered for ages:

What would you do for a round at Augusta National?

The responses, at least to golf fanatics, are not surprising:


Before digging in, the percentages show that users could only pick one option, which slightly encumbers the results. Still, the answers are illuminating.

Frankly, I'm shocked only 44 percent of golfers would change their wedding date. Everyone gets married, sometimes more than once. If you're looking for an exclusive, sacrosanct experience, look no further than a ride down Magnolia Lane.

And just 34 percent would miss their child's birthday? That's a Hallmark holiday. The whole premise of a birthday is, "Congrats, you made it a year without dying. Here's a cake." I think teeing off on Tea Olive, traversing Rae's Creek and crossing Sarazen Bridge grants permission to skip little Jimmy's special day at Chuck E. Cheese's.


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The 10 percent that would forfeit their annual salary have either a great stock portfolio or are making minimum wage. As for the final option -- giving up the game -- as much as I love all things Augusta, that's an overreach.

Although, this is a hypothetical, so maybe I shouldn't give it such serious thought. You might as well ask me what I would do to travel to the moon or go on a date with Mila Kunis. It's fun to contemplate, because sadly, it will never happen.