Texas ... Not Back

Texas may have to disband the baseball program after this Texas State pitcher Horns Down'd them into another dimension

As much joy as the internet gets out of clowning on the University of Texas' sports programs, one Longhorns program immune to such criticism is the baseball team. Six NCAA Championships and six College World Series runner-ups will earn you that type of respect.

However, as hyperbolic as this may sound, Texas may need to disband their storied baseball program after what it allowed to happen on their home field Wednesday night. Facing off in the second game of a home-and-home series with Texas State, the No. 1-ranked Longhorns fell 6-4, splitting the two-game set with the unranked Bobcats. Relief pitcher Tristan Stivors, who is pitching to a 0.69 ERA this season, sealed the deal in the bottom of the ninth, helping Texas State beat mighty Texas for just the third time in school history.

Stivors, understandably amped up, then proceeded to do the unthinkable - he went Horns Down toward the Longhorns dugout, a move that had Texas and its fans so upset recently that the Big 12 began penalizing players who made the gesture on the football field. It appears there's no repercussions for doing it on the baseball field, though:

Holy moly, that was aggressive. Somewhere, Baker Mayfield is smiling, and Baker Mayfield desperately needs something to smile about these days. He and Kenny Powers Stivors here would get along real well.