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Texan man brutally beaten on golf course after another golfer hit into his group

November 29, 2016

Golf over Thanksgiving weekend is supposed to be a nice holiday bonus, but a tragic story from a Texas golf course has emerged. It began with someone hitting into the group playing in front. And it ended with a brutally beaten man spending days in a hospital with a head injury.

According to, the incident took place on Friday at the Indian Creek Golf Club in Carrollton, Tex. Michael Plumlee, 27, was on the 16th green in a round with friends when a golfer in the group behind hit into them. To show his displeasure, Plumlee threw the golf ball off the green -- and then things got really ugly.

An argument broke out between Plumlee and one of the members of the other group, Kevin Sivilay, 42. Witnesses told police Sivilay then beat Plumlee with his golf club, not stopping until well after the victim had been knocked to the ground. Plumlee wound up being taken to the hospital, where he remained through at least Monday.

Plumlee's mother, Sohnya Suarez-Cope, told another news outlet that her son had suffered a fractured skull.

“Nobody should have to go through something like that when you’re having a fun day of golf,” she told

According to multiple reports, Sivilay tried to flee the scene, but was apprehended by authorities, who also confiscated several golf clubs as evidence. Sivilay faces charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Here's a video report from CBS Dallas-Fort Worth:

UPDATE: According to the Denton Record-Chronicle, Plumlee was released from the hospital on Wednesday. However, he still faces a long recovery.

“[Michael] is in a lot of pain from the impact site of his injury and surgery, where they had to put a titanium plate in his head,” Plumlee's mother wrote on Facebook on Wednesday.

She has set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for his treatment.