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Tenuous golf connection: "Seinfeld" voted funniest sitcom ever

December 04, 2012

In a new poll conducted by "60 Minutes" and Vanity Fair, "Seinfeld" was voted the funniest sitcom of all time. In our much, much more unofficial survey, we think it's also the most golf-friendly TV show in history.

Throughout the series, which spawned 180 episodes over nine years, golf was a recurring topic, usually involving the character of Kramer, played by Michael Richards. The actor isn't known to be a golfer in real life, but co-creator of the show, Larry David, is an avid one -- something that has been seen many times on his later series, "Curb Your Enthusiasm."


Without further ado, here are some of our favorite "Seinfeld" scenes involving golf:

-- In the episode titled "The Caddy," Kramer is advised on everything, from reading greens to clothing, by "Stan the caddy."

-- In "The Marine Biologist," Kramer throws his clubs in disgust after a sub-par range session at the beach. "I stink! ... "The ball is just sitting there and I can't hit it!"

Of course, later in that episode George saves a beached whale that had one of Kramer's golf balls stuck in its blowhole.

-- In "The Cheever Letters," Kramer complains about losing playing privileges at a private club. "I can't go back to the public courses now. I can't! I won't!"

-- In "The Boyfriend," Kramer ties up Jerry's phone line to go through a golf round in painful detail.

-- And finally, in "The Big Salad," there's the scene in which an angered Kramer talks about penalizing someone he was playing with for cleaning their ball before hitting a shot.

"Hey, a rule is a rule," he says. "And let's face it, without rules, there's chaos."

Hey, Mike Davis, is the USGA hiring?