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Tensions mount at WM Phoenix Open as Zach Johnson, Billy Horschel have had enough of a few obnoxious fans

February 11, 2024

Christian Petersen

On Saturday, the WM Phoenix Open closed its gates to prevent more fans from overcrowding TPC Scottsdale and then subsequently officials shut down alcohol sales.

On Sunday, videos appeared on social media of both Zach Johnson and Billy Horschel scolding some fans who understandably rubbed them the wrong way.

The first one was of Johnson, standing inside the ropes clearly frustrated with a fan who had been giving him the business.

“Don’t sir me, somebody said it,” Johnson said. “I’m just sick of it. Just shut up.”

He then walked away. Johnson shot 70-70-70 in his first three rounds.

In Horschel’s instance, he was simply sticking up for his playing partner Nicolo Galletti, who was in the middle of his backswing when you can hear someone in the gallery talking loudly.

“Buddy, when he’s over a shot shut the hell up,” said Horschel, followed by a few more choice words. Horschel shot 72-66-66. (A day earlier he was throwing footballs into the stands on the par-3 16th stadium hole.)

Late Saturday, Byeong Hun An wrote on Twitter that the day was a “s—tshows. Totally out of control on every hole.”

This video below was making its rounds on Saturday, showing that this is not your normal, run-of-the-mill PGA Tour event.

“Yes, I know what I signed up for,” An said on social media. “Played here multiple times over the years and it was fun until today. It’s just personal experience.”