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Ten things harder in golf than the Road Hole at St. Andrews

July 17, 2015

"My reputation grows with every failure."

Google tells me this comes from Irish poet George Bernard Shaw. But you can't trust things you read on the Internet (expect this piece, of course), which makes me believe it actually emitted from St. Andrews' Road Hole.

Widely recognized as the hardest hole in golf, the 17th at the Old Course lived up to its billing during the first round of the British Open. Players posted a whopping 4.83 scoring average on the Road Hole, with zero birdies registered. For a frame of reference, the Old Course's 570-yard, par-5 5th boasted an average of 4.5 on Thursday.

Begging the question: is there anything harder in golf than conquering the Road Hill? The list is short, but distinguished:

-Rooting against John Daly. If this is applicable, find your nearest religious representative and ask for penance.