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Tee time awaiting, Westwood and Poulter both appear at ease

April 10, 2010

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- Are Lee Westwood and Ian Poulter both a bundle of nerves before taking the stage in what will likely be one of the largest golf telecasts in recent memory? You decide.

A couple of hours before he and Ian Poulter were to tee off in Saturday's final pairing, Westwood could be seen standing in the lounge outside the locker room at Augusta National and staring at an aerial map of Augusta National. Westwood lingered for several minutes, espousing casually on the various wind conditions players face there.

"It's amazing how the direction changes," Westwood said.

Then there was Poulter, who saw fit to post several items on his Twitter feed: one about his outfit (yellow and black, for those scoring at home), and then this one, which features a video of a dog he passed on the way to the golf course.

Before long, the two Englishman will be teeing off in the most important round of their lives to date, with the game's most dominant player lurking two shots behind. If either is fazed by the prospect, they're certainly not showing it.

--* Sam Weinman *