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Ted Cruz IS a golfer. Just not a good one.

January 12, 2016

Ted Cruz didn't receive the highest accolades during our assessment of the Republican presidential candidates' golf pedigrees, mainly due to the Texas Senator's repeated takedowns of President Obama's time on the links.

However, it turns out Cruz is a golfer. It's just that he's not very good.

From the New York Times, following Cruz on the campaign trail:

Mr. Cruz did not quite promise he would never golf as president. But he suggested he would not golf well. “Do I golf?” Mr. Cruz said, repeating the question. “Horribly. And indeed, to call what I do golf -- I do own clubs and I occasionally whack them into the ground and dig holes. But I think golf involves actually making contact with the ball and sending it in the direction of the hole, so by that definition, no, I don’t golf.”

On one hand, high scores shouldn't keep you off the course, Senator. Despite struggles to break 100, Woodrow Wilson played more than 1,000 rounds while in office. Dwight D. Eisenhower, a member of Augusta National who installed a putting green outside the Oval Office, wasn't a sharp shooter, either.

Conversely, we admire the honesty regarding his own game, something that you can't say about other Republican candidates.