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Ted Bishop's brand of comedy still proves elusive for some, gets into it again with Ian Poulter

May 11, 2015

You'd think if there's anyone who would understand how nuance can be lost on social media, it would be Ted Bishop.

It is Bishop, you'll recall, who was squeezed out as president of the PGA of America after referring to Ian Poulter as a "lil girl" in a post in October. The incident inspired all kinds of media outrage, not to mention conversation about how reckless tweeting can be costly, and also some soul-searching from Bishop. 

Which is what makes Bishop's tweet on Sunday all the more puzzling. In the wake of Rickie Fowler's stirring win at the Players, Bishop made reference to a recent anonymous players poll in which Fowler and Ian Poulter were ranked the most overrated players on tour.