TaylorMade's new FlexTech bags address the needs of a wide range of golfers

February 04, 2019

Although many manufacturers are diligently working to find ways to make golf bags lighter, companies also realize that not everyone simply wants the lightest bag possible. TaylorMade’s latest FlexTech bags address the needs of a wide swath of players with bags at four different weights.

TaylorMade FlexTech.jpg

As you would expect, as the bags get heavier, they also come with more features or additional pockets. The company’s FlexTech and FlexTech Lifestyle bags ($215) are mid-sized stand bags that weigh 4.5 pounds. Although easy to carry, these bags also are often used on a cart and have several features designed just for that. Among the goodies are main pockets built into the center of the bag, allowing for more storage. A cart strap pass-through that runs behind the clothing pocket allows for the bag to be secured to a cart without blocking the pockets. A new base system collapses to allow for the stand to be easily deployed, too. The bag has 11 pockets, a five-way top and a water-resistant, seam-sealed valuables pocket. It is available in six colors. The Lifestyle bag has all the same features, but with a more casual look.

TaylorMade FlexTech Crossover.jpg

The FlexTech Crossover ($235) is an update to the company’s best-selling bag model. This hybrid-type bag with 14-way dividers weighs 5.5 pounds and also boasts a cart-strap passthrough. Two oversize apparel pockets are easily accessible, while three large, front-facing pockets are easy to get to when strapped on a cart. Overall there are 10 pockets and six colors to choose from. The Crossover also comes in a Lifestyle version in two colorways.

TaylorMade Flex Tech Lite.jpg

The FlexTech Lite ($200) weighs just 4.1 pounds. Weight was saved by going to a single-stay construction that runs along the spine of the bag to ensure durability. Important to those who like to know their yardages, a no-zip rangefinder pocket allows for easy access to a distance-measuring device before even taking the bag off the shoulders. The four-way top bag is available in five colors.

TaylorMade LiteTech 3.0.jpg

TaylorMade also introduced the LiteTech 3.0 ($220). As the name suggests, the bag weighs a mere three pounds. The four-way top features three grab handles and the six pockets offer ample storage, including a large apparel pocket that can easily house a rain suit. A new self-adjusting strap system helps in the ease of getting the bag (which is available in five colors) on and off the shoulders.