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TaylorMade FlexTech bags bring innovation from bottom of the base to the top of your shoulders

March 23, 2017
FLEXTECH US_B1580501.jpg

The TaylorMade FlexTech line of golf bags innovate in some areas that are easily seen and in others not so easily seen, but the hope is that golfers will easily feel that technology at work.

The FlexTech line’s main technologies aim to improve both the way the bag rests on the ground and the way it rests on your shoulders. Most visible is an angled base that features a thermoplastic rubber section that allows the base to hinge in the middle, engaging the stand bag’s legs.

Less visible but no less meaningful to golfers is the padding in the FlexTech bags’ straps. The dual-density foam straps feature a higher percentage of open-cell versus closed-cell foam padding to provide more consistent and more durable cushioning on the shoulders. The FlexTech is available in both double-strap and single-strap options.

The FlexTech line benefits from an influx of TaylorMade’s extensive research and development team, including input from veteran chief technical officer Benoit Vincent.

“What we’ve done is integrated our golf bag team within our golf ball and golf club division,” Vincent says in a company video. “By doing this we generate synergy between the designers on golf bags and the designers on golf clubs. We’re using tools that we developed for golf clubs first and we’re now using them in golf bags.”

It isn't the first time TaylorMade's club and ball expertise has been used in other areas. Vincent was part of a team that developed a new hockey stick for sister company CCM. Called "RocketBladez," it was developed on the heels of TaylorMade's popular RocketBallz metalwoods in 2012, and later versions became some of hockey's most popular sticks in 2014.

The FlexTech line includes three bags. The FlexTech features a five-way top, 11 pockets and weighs 4.8 pounds; the FlexTech Lite offers a four-way top, eight pockets and weighs 4.3 pounds; and the FlexTech Crossover utilizes a 14-way divider top, 10 pockets and weighs 5.5 pounds. All three bags also feature a water-resistant valuables pocket with a microsuede lining.

The standard FlexTech model retails for $210, the FlexTech Lite is $190 and the FlexTech Crossover is $230.