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Taylor Lewan laid into Taylor Lewan over all the awful penalties Taylor Lewan commits

November 11, 2019

Apparently, Tennessee Titans offensive tackle Taylor Lewan committed a bunch of stupid penalties against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, which is standard procedure for Taylor Lewan. The man has never met a post-play, unnecessary roughness penalty he didn't instantly want to marry. So it was no surprise to see his name trending on Twitter during Sunday's game for doing something dumb.

What was surprising was why Lewan's name was trending after the game, and this time it was for a really good reason. Somehow, the Titans hung on to win 35-32 in stunning fashion despite Lewan's antics and despite Patrick Mahomes throwing for 446 yards and three touchdowns. Afterward, Lewan addressed the media, and it was one of the all-time great self-aware moments you'll ever see:

First off, no, that's not Kenny Powers. Second, that was great. At least he realizes how dumb he acts (sometimes) on the field. Though it's pretty hilarious that he thinks it's only happened in the last six games, and that it's not intentional and he doesn't "mean to do it":

I mean, there were legitimately eight whistles before Lewan makes his final shove here. He's just trying to finish though you guys! I'd say he's a clown, but his response was awesome. There is a less-than-zero percent chance he stops taking dumb penalties, but at least he's owning it.