Courses & TravelApril 19, 2010

Talking Travel On AAA Radio (Part 2)


I was in Hershey two weeks ago for a radio interview. I taped two Saturdays worth of segments with Sandy Fenton, the host of "Let's Talk Travel."

Here's a link to the first show.

And here are links to the segments that aired last Saturday (click on the segment numbers to listen in):

Segment 1: Accessibility of golf; shipping clubs and a golf boom in Italy.

Segment 2: A mutual passion for St. Andrews; Bandon Dunes; Sea Island and the death of course architecture in the United States.

Segment 3: Women and kids (yours, not mine); golf schools; getting fit for clubs; gambling on golf and buying a trip for a significant other.

Segment 4: All about the Ambush.

Segment 5: Wrap up.

I appreciate the poll on the homepage of WHP 580 Talk Radio: "Would you be willing to fly through volcanic ash after you have heard about what happened?"

I was with the 71 percent who answered "No." My answer was more like, NO FRICKIN' WAY. I loved that 14 percent said that it depended on how long they've been waiting at the airport. As if a few days in Heathrow was some sort of applicable value to the price of their life.

Not even with Captain Sully at the controls of Air Force One would I fly to Europe right now.

--Matty G.

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