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Talking Travel On AAA Radio (Part 2)

April 19, 2010

I was in Hershey two weeks ago for a radio interview. I taped two Saturdays worth of segments with Sandy Fenton, the host of "Let's Talk Travel."

And here are links to the segments that aired last Saturday (click on the segment numbers to listen in):

Segment 1: Accessibility of golf; shipping clubs and a golf boom in Italy.

Segment 2: A mutual passion for St. Andrews; Bandon Dunes; Sea Island and the death of course architecture in the United States.

Segment 3: Women and kids (yours, not mine); golf schools; getting fit for clubs; gambling on golf and buying a trip for a significant other.

Segment 4: All about the Ambush.

Segment 5: Wrap up.

I appreciate the poll on the homepage of WHP 580 Talk Radio: "Would you be willing to fly through volcanic ash after you have heard about what happened?"

I was with the 71 percent who answered "No." My answer was more like, NO FRICKIN' WAY. I loved that 14 percent said that it depended on how long they've been waiting at the airport. As if a few days in Heathrow was some sort of applicable value to the price of their life.

Not even with Captain Sully at the controls of Air Force One would I fly to Europe right now.

--Matty G.