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Taking guesswork out of golf course slopes

August 31, 2011

Want to take the guesswork out of club selection on uphill or downhill shots? Slope-Tec says it can help.


Slope-Tec, available in either an iPhone app or a separate handheld device called the SDx Pro, will gauge the degree of slope with which you are dealing and give you the yards to add or subtract from the distance to the pin.

"After using a friend's Bushnell with slope," Slope-Tec developer Mark Scott said, "I thought that that was such good information. I don't have to stand on the tee box anymore wondering if I'm going to take a club off or swing a little easier, or on uphill shots swing harder and lay some sod over my ball. It's more or less giving you the information that you can use to make a good yardage ddetermination.

Scott employed his father, a civil engineer and mathematics guru, to help him develop a set of algorithms that are used in determining the yards, plus or minus.

The SDx Pro sells for $34.95, the iPhone app for $2.99.

-- John Strege