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Taking a look at Trump International Golf Links' worst enemy: The Wind

February 17, 2012

Bag of wind. That's how some might describe Donald Trump. And thus the irony of his ongoing huff-and-puff with people behind the plans for offshore wind farms near his new course in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Trump International Golf Links is set to open this summer. And as you can see, it looks FANtastic:


During a trip to Amsterdam a few years ago, a friend texted me: "I can see the wind."

In this video that Furore shot while trying to capture the beauty of Trump International Golf Links, I, too, can see the wind:

Having not yet been there myself, I asked Furore to answer a few questions about the shoot, course, lodging and the wind:

__ How many days did it take you to get those shots?__

I think six. There wasn't much light until the last day, but I was always set up in case it peeked through. And a few times, it did. Those are opportunities to take the best photographs.

__ Is the course as good as it looks?__

Yes, sir. In my opinion, Trump has a winner, but I look at it more as a photographer than a golfer. I think Dr. Hawtree did a really great routing that takes advantage of the spectacular views, while weaving over and around the dunes. It's a scenic walk.

__ Were the dunes as impressive as The Donald describes in the story? __

Very! They're really impressive.

__ Where did you stay?__

Hilton in Aberdeen. It's not that far. Aberdeen is a big city, close enough for Ryder Cup accommodations, and Trump has plenty of parking space. That said, I wouldn't want to shoot a tournament there. The roping and walk would make Whistling Straits look easy. If I'm retired by then, maybe you can have your pal Trump send me a couple of tickets and I'll watch from the grandstands.

__ Have you ever been in wind so fierce? __

I don't recall ever working in wind that strong. At one point I hiked up a dune and had to crawl the last 10 yards. The gusts were 80 to 90 mph. When I set up my tripod, I had to hug it so it wouldn't blow over while I was shooting, and it's a big, heavy tripod. That was a first! They tell me strong winds are common in that area.

I've played Old Mac at Bandon in a five-club wind. I've played Old Head in Ireland in a six-club wind. The Donald is going to grow old fast if Trump International Golf Links is exposed to a lot of eight-club winds.

*--Matty G.

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