Symetra Tour player is selling cows to subsidize golf career

April 11, 2017

When you’re playing on the mini tours, you’ve got to be creative to make ends meet. We’ve heard a lot of stories over the years, like James Hahn working at a Nordstrom’s while he was trying to make it and women who have worked at sporting goods stores and even a gas station to help fund their careers before they made it to the LGPA. But this side hustle is a new one: Symetra Tour player Rachel Rohanna is selling cows.

Rohanna’s father and grandfather were both dairy farmers, and her husband raises beef cows. At their farm in Southwestern, PA, Rohanna and her husband have over 100 cows.

In 2015, Rohanna had her first win on the Symetra Tour at the Sara Bay Classic in Sarasota, Fla. With her winnings, she bought a cow. Not just any cow, a cow that had been born on their farm and then sold to a friend in 2013. Two years later, that friend was getting ready to sell the cow again and Rohanna wanted her back.

“So my husband’s friend said you can buy her back,” says Rohanna, “but I didn’t have the money. When I won, all I could think about was buying her back. I did, and I renamed her Sara Bay.”

Since coming back to the farm, Sara Bay has had two calves. Rohanna is now trying to sell the male.

“I’m trying to sell him for some money for the rest of the season,” Rohanna said. “We’re getting to the point where I’m trying to sell some of my cows to help me subsidize my career. It’s a grind out there every week to make sure you’re paying off the entry fee and the caddie.”

Each player has to return to her own reality after each tournament is over. For Rohanna, it's the farm. Rohanna’s husband runs the farm, along with a butcher shop and he grows soybeans, hay and corn during the summer. When Rohanna is back home in between events, she helps out with the cows.

“Everybody gets creative trying to find ways to stay afloat,” says Rohanna. “This is one way we’re doing it. It's interesting and fun, I’m having a good time with it. But it’s tough.”

Last year, Rohanna spent the year on the LGPA tour. The Sara Bay win helped put her high enough in the money to earn a spot on the LPGA. She’s on the Symetra Tour this year, and looking for another win. It would help her get closer to the LPGA again, and it could help her purchase one of the cows she knows her husband has been looking to buy.

“Any time you get a big check, it goes into some investment,” Rohanna said. “For me that’s cows and golf.”