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Surfing star Julian Wilson makes first hole-in-one, gives priceless reaction

July 11, 2017

Julian Wilson is currently the eight-ranked surfer in the world, but on Tuesday he provided arguably the best reaction to a hole-in-one we've seen this year. Well, Wilson, with the help of his friends.

Playing the 17th hole at St. Francis Links in South Africa, Wilson hit a shot that seemed to roll and roll (and roll) for an eternity before finally dropping into the hole. The camera work and the commentary -- including a "Glorious" and one NSFW phrase while the ball is in the air -- are fantastic, and then all hell breaks loose once the ball finds the bottom of the cup. Check it out:

And it looks like the crew celebrated in proper fashion after, with Wilson buying a bottle of Johnny Walker:

Looks like the really good stuff, too -- which is only fair. Wilson owes whoever captured his special moment on video big time.