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The best Sunday bags on the market right now

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September 14, 2022

Walking a golf course can be one of the most enjoyable ways to experience the game and socialize with your friends during a round. But lugging around a heavy stand bag full of 14 clubs, 20 golf balls, an umbrella, and more unnecessary equipment? That will ruin any round almost immediately. Every golfer should own a Sunday bag to eliminate this burden—a lightweight, compact bag perfect for carrying a handful of clubs and a few essential accessories. Store it in the trunk of your car for last-minute nine-hole rounds, take it to your local par-3 course for some short game practice, or fill it with just a few clubs for your driving range visits. Sunday bags can also serve as the perfect starter bag for a beginner golfer, who won’t need a full set of 14 clubs right away.
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The concept of the Sunday bag dates back to the sport’s origins in Scotland. From Monday through Saturday, players would almost always employ a caddie to carry their clubs (even though golfers had nowhere near 14 clubs at this point in time). The problem arose on Sundays when the Church of Scotland observed Sabbath. Caddies were not permitted to work during the day of rest, and therefore, golfers had to find an easy, low-stress alternative to transporting their clubs. The Sunday bags of the past were simply tubes of fabric with a single strap, but these days, there are dozens of options on the market with storage pockets, kickstands, club dividers, and other useful details to make your walking rounds as enjoyable as possible. Here are all the best Sunday bags that you can buy online right now.