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Style Inspiration: The Turtleneck

December 30, 2013

[#image: /photos/55ad7759add713143b427f2c]|||style-turtleneck-thomson.jpg|||By Alex Holmes


It's time to bring back the turtleneck. We've seen tons of style icons like Miles Davis, Marlon Brando and Steve McQueen sport the turtle on stage and screen, but don't forget that many men of the links were known to rock the roll neck, as well. Gary Player, Ben Crenshaw (pictured above) and Peter Thompson (right), to name a few, all kept neck and nave warm in turtleneck sweaters.

The golf mock had its moment but, the full-nelson's been off the scene for quite some time. The T-neck has a storied style heritage on and off the course and it's time to reintroduce the move into the modern menswear conversation. Check out three strong turtles in classic fall shades and stick your neck out in style.


From left: Reiss, $150,; John Smedley, $230,; Uniqlo,$89.90,

Players, Crenshaw,Thompson: Getty Images