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Tired of leather belts? There are plenty of other options

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If you've paid any attention to Mr. Style over the past eight months, you've been weaning yourself off of white belts. Nice work -- but, now what? Ever since Adam Scott teamed up with Japanese fast retailer, Uniqlo, he's been rocking slim and stylish ensembles tied together with a ton of great braided and cotton canvas belts. Follow his lead and leave the leathers in your closet.

You probably already have a few black and brown leather straps in heavy rotation for your weekly 9-to-5 get-up. These are steady options for a traditional tailored golf look. However, if you're not wearing wool trousers and wood-soled FJ Classics, opt for a more casual braided elastic or canvas d-ring belt. Brands from Puma to Polo offer such options in a ton of great colors. Pick up a few to mix and match with your staples.

Make sure something... *anything, *(but not everything) in your outfit either highlights or matches a color from the belt and you're all set. Your hips will most likely never look like Adam Scott's at impact, but you may be able to fake it for a minute around the putting green if you borrow some of his strap style.

Check out some great leather alternatives below:

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RLX Nylon Belt: $85.00, Visit website [#image: /photos/55ad7767add713143b427fd8]|||The Style Blog|||Uniqlo Stretch Mesh Belts: $19.90, Visit website [#image: /photos/55ad7767add713143b427fdc]|||The Style Blog|||Peter Millar Braided Stretch Belts: $98.50, Visit website [#image: /photos/55ad7767b01eefe207f6cf58]|||The Style Blog|||J. Press (York Street) Fabric & Grosgrain Ribbon Belts: $89-$98, Visit website

(Adam Scott: AP Photo)

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