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Strip club's X-rated outing on public course caught on camera

August 10, 2016

Well, this gives new meaning to a "skins game."

A county-run course in New Jersey has come under fire for hosting a strip club's X-rated charity outing. Sunrise Gentlemen’s Club sponsored a tournament at Preakness Valley Golf Course in Wayne, N.J., where news cameras caught exotic dancers in raunchy behavior, which included lap dances and groping. These actions took place on holes close to a public road and in full view of neighboring houses.

According to NBC News 4 in New York, the event has raised money in the past for various charities, including local police departments. However, in a follow-up report, NBC News 4 claims the police "haven't seen a dime" and that the strip club has committed fraud.

"My understanding is that this isn't the first time that this tournament took place here," said county administrator Anthony De Nova to NBC News 4. "I can say it's going to be the last time."