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Stories you can't make up: 'School of Rock' guitar kid caught stealing guitars

I remember it like it was yesterday. My uncle used to work for Paramount Pictures, and he would get all the movies Paramount distributed WELL in advance of the movies actually hitting theaters. We're talking videotapes kids... the GOAT. He would get them by the box load and send them to his nieces and nephews, and we all thought it was the coolest thing ever, watching them 20 times and telling our friends who were going to see them in theaters two months later "been there, done that."

Perhaps our favorite of all these advance copies was none other than "School of Rock," Jack Black's finest hour. Saying we watched "School of Rock" 100 times would be putting it lightly. We'd watch, rewind (yes, REWIND) and watch again. Every scene was better than the last. It was a virtuoso performance from Black, and how could I forget Joan Cusack absolutely nailing the uptight private school principal. It was also Miranda Cosgrove's coming out party. The dude that was in the ORIGINAL cast of "Rent" was in SOR. Hell, Sarah Silverman was in it!

What the hell does this have to do with anything? Well, it's a sad day in "School of Rock" history, as one of the movie's cast members has fallen on hard times. Remember Zack, the quiet kid who ended up being an absolute savage on the guitar?

If you were wondering where Zack (real name Joey Gaydos Jr.) is now, you're going to wish you didn't wonder where Zack is now. According to TMZ, he's stealing guitars from guitar stores. File this story under things you simply cannot make up, folks:


Why are there three different mugshots? Because Gaydos Jr. has been caught FOUR freaking times in the act. In video obtained by TMZ, Gaydos Jr. can be seen strumming one of the guitars at Troll Music store in Florida on February 7, and then literally walking straight out the door with it. He did it again four days later at a different music store, and was caught two additional times within the next 14 days doing the same thing. Sadly, Gaydos Jr. wasn't preparing for a "School of Rock" sequel. Instead, he was testing the guitars, stealing them and then unloading them at pawn shops, per TMZ's report. He also got busted for stealing an amplifier, and blamed all the misdeeds on a drug problem. He's facing multiple felony charges in Florida for larceny and grand theft. Not exactly a Hollywood ending for this poor chap. Let's try and remember the better times: