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Storage problem solved: what to do with golf gloves

July 11, 2015

My club's clubhouse isn't much of a clubhouse. The men's locker room has a few lockers, but they're tiny and their only real function is to let guests know that what they otherwise might think was just an old storeroom is actually the men's locker room. Back in the era before Internet pornography, there were four old guys at my club who played together all the time and kept a falling-apart copy of Playboy in one of the lockers, and nowadays the Sunday Morning Group keeps hard liquor locked up in two of them, but that's about it. Like pretty much everybody else, I store my golf stuff in the trunk of my car (plus the backseat, the floor in front of the backseat, and the floor in front of the front passenger seat).


The reason I don't keep golf stuff in the front passenger seat, too, is that that's where the dog's car seat goes: