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Stop doing that twisting thing!

February 04, 2015

It's bad enough to perform bad movement patterns in everyday life, but it's even worse to get in the gym and train in ways that emphasize those unnatural movements, says highly regarded strength coach Mike Boyle (@bodybyboyle). In other words, you might suffer from hunched-over (kyphotic) posture as a result of prolonged sitting, aging, and a lack of functional strength in your glutes and hips. But to actually go to the gym and perform exercises such as lacing your hands behind your neck and doing sit-ups are only going to reinforce the poor posture you should be trying to eliminate.

More examples would be exercises designed to increase range of motion at the bottom of your spine. The lumbar have some ability to flex and rotate, but push them beyond that limited range and you're on your way to a visit to an orthopedist.

Recently I asked Mike if there are any "golf" exercises he sees that are the definition of an unnatural movement pattern. There is one in particular that immediately came to mind, he said. Click on the video to see what you SHOULDN'T be doing in the gym.

Ron Kaspriske is the fitness editor of Golf Digest.*