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Steven Bowditch tries to cover for whoever hit the worst attempt in the long drive contest

July 26, 2016

It's been a nightmare season for Steven Bowditch. One which has included more missed cuts than made ones and at one (low) point, contained a stretch of five consecutive rounds failing to break 80 for the Aussie. But through it all, the 2015 Presidents Cup participant has maintained a terrific sense of humor -- and usually at his own expense.

So it should come as no surprise that Bowditch took credit/admitted to hitting the worst shot at the PGA Championship's long drive contest. The only problem? Bowditch isn't even at this week's PGA Championship. Here's how it went down:

Minutes later, Golf Channel responded:

Again, Bowditch is NOT in the field at Baltusrol so we don't know the mystery golfer who hit that hideous drive (Seriously, did my boss sneak out onto the first tee?). But we do know the lengths to which Bowditch will go to cover for someone. We could all use a friend like Steven Bowditch.